Safety Switch Tripping Randomly

It is frustrating to have the power tripping randomly and to not know what to do about it!

Quite often by following some quick step by step instructions you can identify the issue yourself and resolve it easily by establishing the source of the problem.

I cannot reset my safety switch!

Most of the time you can identify and resolve the problem yourself within 10-30 minutes and there are no special skills or tools required.

The first thing is to understand is if the faulty circuit is a result of a problem with a light or a power point or appliance.

Testing the Light Circuit

To test the Light circuit – Turn off all lights in the affected area and try to reset the switch.

If successful, turn each room’s light back on until finding the faulty circuit, then, call an electrician.

If you cannot reset switch – call an electrician.

Testing the Power Circuit

To test the Power circuit – follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. Physically disconnect all appliances connected to the relevant circuit from the wall socket. To disconnect the appliances properly make sure that you take the plug out the power point. DO NOT just turn the switch to OFF position on the wall socket or the appliance.
  2. Remember to disconnect outside equipment as well – Hot water system, pumps etc.
  3. At the switchboard – try reset the safety switch
  4. After the switch is reset– go back to each room and insert the appliances one by one into the sockets. Ensure each appliance is working before plugging in and turning the next appliance back on. After plugging in the appliance if the safety switch trips at the switchboard – this is the piece of faulty equipment.

If you are unable to reset switch for any reason – call an electrician.

Safety Switch Notes

Some Safety switches required pushing the lever down before pushing it up.

If the safety switch has a Push-button with a RESET marking on it and you cannot see the push-button or, cannot re-set it at all – call an Electrician.

Need an Electrician on the Sunshine Coast?

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